Step into Your

Bold Brilliance

Unleash Your Potential with confidence.

Step into Your

Bold Brilliance

Unleash Your Potential with confidence.


Best In Class?

You are game-changing, talented and savvy!

You KNOW when you unlock the power of your personal brand, it’ll make a big difference, personally and professionally…

But perhaps…

It’s easy to let our image and brand take a back seat when we’re busy, out hustling and making moves. But showing up as a lesser version of yourself impacts your visibility,
presence, and opportunities. And not having an aligned image with your brand hinders your growth.

People assume the answer is working harder and proving their worth… But, the answer lies in breaking the cycle and changing the way YOU are seen (and heard), at work and in LIFE.

If you’re ready to be seen as the industry leader you are, I will help you walk the walk and talk the talk, so the world can see you are truly best-in-class!

Here's the truth

No one teaches us the importance of personal brand & image.

It’s time to raise your visibility, skyrocket your influence, and achieve success you never thought possible.

You deserve to show up looking and feeling true to yourself, powerful about the brilliance you bring, and have the world see why you are best-in-class.

The Impact Is Real

Real people, real transformation.

Achieve the results you want

while getting the respect you deserve.

Ready to transform your image and step into your Bold Brilliance? Start your journey towards an empowered, authentic, and luxurious lifestyle so you can…

I can help.

Hi, I'm Latrice

With a keen eye for fashionable flair, my passion for style began from a very young age.

While working in the corporate world in HR, I quickly noticed the potential new hires who stood out all had excellent qualifications … and had chosen an outfit that read confident, driven, put together, and trustworthy. It was unmistakable.

With this wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, combining the two – my passion for style and all the insider knowledge gained as an HR professional – opened the door as an image consultant to serve a greater audience. ​

I created Latrice Monique Consulting to help ambitious go-getters present their best image from the moment they enter a room.

I am driven by a desire to redress the imbalance seen in professional environments where women, despite their skills and capabilities, often get overlooked because their image and branding don’t align with their desired position.

Through curating an image and brand that aligns with your goals and lifestyle, I will help you cultivate a signature style that draws in new opportunities and the right clients, easily and effortlessly.

How can I support your success?

How can I support
your success?

My goal is to help high-achieving women and rising stars reimagine their style and create brilliant brand images, to show up powerfully, never miss opportunities and achieve success they never thought possible.

Get personalized guidance to help you step into your Bold Brilliance— with confidence!

Personal brand development is an innovative retention strategy. Empower your Employees!


Discover Your Bold Brilliance Quiz

Discover the power of up-leveling your personal style and brand. In this interactive quiz, we’ll identify what stage of brand image you are in, so you can learn what will help you express your unique bold brilliance and reach new heights personally and professionally!

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Bold Brilliance
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