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Latrice Cole

Is a certified image consultant for high performing professionals, visionary executives, and emerging leaders who want to align their appearance with their brand and show up as best-in-class.

Leveraging her ten years of experience working as a senior human resources professional and her innate flair for fashion, she turns getting dressed and brand-building into a business strategy. Latrice has curated compelling brand images and wardrobes for a diverse clientele, including corporate trailblazers, seasoned executives, and enterprising six- figure entrepreneurs. Her transformative approach empowers her clients to exude confidence, authenticity, and influence, while also saving them time, money, and stress, and positions them to draw in new opportunities.


To assist high-achieving women and emerging leaders in developing a compelling image and brand that enhances their leadership effectiveness, explores their visibility and primes them for advancement.

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Why Latrice Monique?

Having spent the past decade in Human Resources, I’ve seen how having the right image has a tremendous impact on a person’s presentation, presence, and the impression they leave behind.

Candidates who stood out had excellent qualifications and had chosen an outfit that read confident, driven, put-together, and trustworthy. With this wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, I’m able to help, strategically, define clients’ images that represents who they are so they can confidently attain their goals.

When you look good (and know it), you naturally feel better about yourself and more at ease. You tend to radiate an aura of effortless positive energy that becomes contagious and magnetic leading others to respond to you with the same positivity and excitement.

The Impact Is Real

Real people, real transformation.

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