Make an IMPACT by

Becoming Influential.

I help women build a consistent, credible, and authentic image and brand that positions them as must-have experts in their field.

Make an IMPACT by

Becoming Influential.

I help women build a consistent, credible, and authentic image and brand that positions them as must-have experts in their field.

With a rich background

In HR and a passion for empowering women,

I’ve dedicated my career to helping ambitious go-getters like you present their best image from the moment they enter a room.

My Journey Began

after witnessing countless skilled and talented women being overlooked for high-level positions, simply because their personal brand and image didn’t reflect their potential. It’s a common issue among entrepreneurs too; they often neglect their image as a part of their brand, failing to communicate their unique value in an authentic and powerful way.

I’m here to change that.

I help you curate an image that aligns seamlessly with your branding, goals, and lifestyle. My approach is to cultivate a signature style that not only enhances your personal brand but also draws in new opportunities and the right clients.

The result? You step into your bold brilliance, unlocking your potential and priming you for advancement. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring for a high-level position, I’m committed to helping you show up consistently, build trust, credibility, and recognition so you can step into the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.


Sally Hogshead

Leveraging the power of image and personal branding, I provide styling, coaching and group programs that elevate your image, to create a brilliant brand that reflects your authenticity and attracts the right opportunities and clients.

Beyond the Basics of Personal Brand

My approach to signature image and branding is rooted in The Bold Brilliance Framework™, my signature framework that leads to long-lasting change and significant transformation.



Discover what makes you distinct and how to use it to reach your image and brand goals



Learn how to communicate your brilliance in a show-stopping way



Create your signature style that re-imagines how show up



Step into your next level self with brilliant brand images and increased confidence, ready to show the world why you are best-in-class. Ultimately, create success and impact you never thought was possible.

Ready to elevate your image and create a brilliant brand?

I’m here to help.

Advance your career and life in a group setting with Latrice as your guide

Get personalized guidance to help you step into your Bold Brilliance— with confidence

 A white-glove experience to completely transform your image and brand

Hi, I'm Latrice

Style Maven Image Consultant Confidence Cultivator Brand Developer, changemaker

You know you can make more of an impact, you strive to do and be MORE.

But you’re not sure how to truly show up as your best self.

I’ve been there.

I’m Latrice Cole and if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that I believe that everyone is brilliant in their unique way and it’s important to tailor their look to reflect that. It’s all about making you feel like the best version of yourself. 

If you agree, we’ll get along great. 

Growing up, fashion was all about looking put together and having a cute outfit. However, I never truly understood the power of fashion (more so having style) until I was in corporate and saw how brilliant women who had incredible skills would show up barely looking “presentable.” 

Nothing about their image grabbed your attention, screamed leadership or made you feel like they were confident enough to do a high level job.

I also saw another set of women who did look the part, acted the part and had skills to do the desired job and they always got ahead. It got me thinking about how to use style as a strategy to get ahead. What I noticed about the women who got ahead, their personal brand and image was part of their success formula. 

There’s an assumption that having a personal brand is just for celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs but I believe that it’s for everyone who wants to get ahead in their careers (no matter if it’s entrepreneurship or in the corporate world) and create a purposeful life.

I can relate because I didn’t know the importance of developing my brand and refining my image until my entrepreneurial journey. Learning how to create your brand then having to refine your image to align with it can seem overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating. My services help you cut through the noise and gain bold clarity around your brand and how to show up so owning your brand is effortless, influential and you can be, look and feel best-in-class.

I am here to help you step into the Bold Brilliance Lifestyle. 

This means you show up powerfully, never miss opportunities, create success they never thought possible and live a luxurious life on YOUR terms.

My Approach

My distinct ability to understand the root of your image problem, allows me to create and implement a strategic plan to bring your desired brand image to life. I help professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders lean into the best of who they are by gaining bold clarity around their unique value and difference. Using assessments, personal style enhancements, and brand image development, we will create a reimagined and prolific image that creates the quantum leap forward that sets you up for the success you never thought was possible. This increases your influence, impact, and maximizes your market value.

The beauty of this process is I focus on what makes you different.

It’s not through a one-size-fits-all approach, that’s for sure.

I take the time to learn about your unique value, company, your role, your pain points, and your goals.

Together, we’ll peel back the layers holding you back so we can develop the right strategies to propel you forward toward long-term success.

The goal is to help you achieve your goals through an authentic image and brand that works.

If that sounds like what you need, be sure to check out my corporate services or image & brand services.

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