Patricia Robinson

Case Study: Elevating Professional Presence

Bold & Brilliant Client: Patricia Robinson, Public Speaker, Author, and Radio Exec


Patricia Robinson, a dynamic public speaker, author, and radio executive, recognized the need to elevate her professional image in alignment with her evolving career. Acknowledging the expansion of her professional visibility, Patricia decided to revamp her professional photos, realizing that the images from the last five years no longer captured her current growth trajectory. Seeking a seamless process, Patricia enlisted the services of Latrice Monique Consulting to harmonize her look with her renewed professional evolution.

The Challenge:

Patricia initially hesitated to relinquish control over wardrobe choices for the shoot. It was important to Patricia that the process not only aligned with her ideal vision but also fit within her budget.

The Process:

Latrice Monique Consulting provided a personalized and accommodating process that alleviated Patricia’s concerns. Latrice initiated the process by delving into Patricia’s goals, vision, and preferences, ensuring a deep understanding of her unique requirements. Shopping for Patricia’s looks, Latrice crafted a virtual look book featuring head-to-toe ensembles. A follow-up session addressed all questions and concerns, leading to the selection of two photo-ready looks, which Patricia purchased. On the day of the photoshoot, Latrice was there to ensure a smooth execution, allowing Patricia to focus on showcasing her best self.

The Impact:

The result of this collaborative effort was a collection of stunning photos that reflect Patricia’s growth, her dynamic career, and the essence of what makes her a best-in-class professional. Her photos serves as a compelling visual narrative that authentically positions her as a bold and brilliant leader in her field.