Precious Williams

Case Study: Elevating Bold Confidence

Client Showcase: Precious Williams, Founder, and CEO of The Perfect Pitch Group


Meet Precious Williams, a 13x national Pitch Master. As an accomplished international professional speaker, top Fortune 500 sales trainer, and best-selling author, Precious recognized the need to amplify her image as she ascends to new heights of influence, aiming for bigger stages, exclusive rooms, and elite circles.

The Challenge:

In pursuit of elevating her brand image, Precious struggled to find the right professional who could infuse a bold flair into her wardrobe, seamlessly blending professionalism with a unique twist. However, most stylists couldn’t grasp her style, leaving her with a wardrobe that fell short of capturing her vibrant personality. It was crucial for Precious to collaborate with a professional who not only understood how to dress her body but also could curate clothing that perfectly aligned with her brand essence. After a conversation with Latrice, Precious put her hesitation aside and decided to work with Latrice Monique Consulting.

The Process:

Latrice alleviated Precious’s reservations by adding personalized care in understanding Precious’s brand, goals, and style. She perused her closet and identified her body type to ensure the right selection of clothing would complement her silhouette. Recognizing Precious’s demanding schedule, Latrice completed all shopping online and curated a digital lookbook complete with clothing, accessories, and shoes for Precious’s convenience. Latrice also facilitated in-home tailoring to guarantee a flawless fit. This approach not only simplified Precious’s life but also empowered her to trust the process, enabling her to focus on her speaking engagements without the stress of outfit decisions.

The Impact:

After the first engagement, Precious noticed a profound shift in how she was perceived. Audiences praised her impeccable style, boosting her confidence and transforming her attitude as she graced stages and entered rooms with newfound assurance. Since then, Precious has continuously partnered with Latrice in her journey to exude confidence and boldness. Through their transformative collaboration, Precious has not only saved time, money, and energy but also crafted an image that authentically mirrors her personality and brand essence, making her look like an expert times 10!